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All Star House Painters Of Frisco

Home Painters and Painting in Frisco Texas

One thing we all agree on is the fact that change is constant in life. Whether the change comes in a little or more significant way, it will result in a shift. Painting your home is an aspect of change, it means the homeowner is ready to give the home a neat makeover. The home can be painted during renovation, or it’s a new home. All Star House Painters of Frisco is one of the oldest painting companies in Frisco, Texas, that helps homeowner transform their home, whether interior, exterior, or flooring, to a beautiful site attractive to behold through the eye. Due to our skills and industry experience, people within Frisco choose us as their most preferred company when it comes to painting.

About Us
Since we began operation as a painting company in Frisco, Texas, we are committed to offering several painting services based on the market demand. As a customer-focused painting solution provider, we can attest that painting the home is a great investment. Hence the client wants quality after hiring. To meet this expectation, we utilize only painting products made of superior quality materials. At All Star House Painters of Frisco, we join the client in the journey of transforming their home, and as a captain of such a journey, we give out our best. Our house painters are professionals who have keen eyes for details and can provide a recommendation to suit clients’ preferences.

Our Services
When you choose All Star House Painters of Frisco to manage the painting project in your home, be assured that you are hiring one of Texas’ best painters. We can boost our painters’ expertise and professionalism; they have been well-trained and are committed to exhibiting their skill and quality service anytime. Before we begin to paint your home, our painters will run a quick inspection and recommend a suitable painting for your needs. Whether it is interior painting service, exterior painting service, flooring installation, sheetrock and plastering, or deck staining, we are capable and have the required skill to handle them. Book for a painting service now.

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Interior Painting Services

If you are looking to completely transform your home’s look through the application of high-quality paints, then an interior painting service is what you need. The process is merely painting the inner portion of your home or office, as the case may be. All Star House Painters of Frisco is a reliable painting company that offers quality interior painting to interested clients within Frisco, Texas, and its neighboring areas. Interior painting is the easiest and one of the cheapest approaches to changing your walls, ceiling, etc. To get a free interior painting quote, call us today!

Exterior Painting Service

The exterior parts of your property are what catches the attention of visitors or passerby at a glance. Nothing provides a great appeal to your home’s exterior appearance than a quality paint and fresh coating. All Start House Painters of Frisco offers outstanding exterior painting services in Frisco, Texas. The service aims to ensure that the curb appeal of homeowners is improved. The process of delivering a quality exterior painting service is by utilizing the right exterior paints. We understand that there are different paint materials for exterior and interior painting projects.

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Flooring Installation

The flooring installation in your home can be easy to do, but you can mess everything up if you lack the required skill. At All Star House Painters of Frisco, we have a systematic approach to providing flooring installation services that meet clients’ timeless demands. Our flooring installers possess industry experience and perform a thorough inspection and recommend the best flooring option to deliver standard flooring solutions to clients in Frisco, TX.

Cabinet Refinishing

Cabinet refinishing isn’t the same thing as getting a new cabinet. The process is a subtle way to upgrade an existing cabinet without spending more on wood and other materials. At All Star House Painters of Frisco, we help homeowners reform their properties. For instance, we use your existing cabinet down but remove the stain or paints and replace them with a new one that helps improve the appearance of the cabinet and your home as a whole.

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Sheetrock and Plastering

All Star House Painters offer different home improvement services that include sheetrock and plastering. We provide sheetrock and plastering service for the walls in your home. This can be a tedious task, but we make the difficult task easy to achieve due to our experience and level of expertise. Let our home improvement contractors know whether you need sheetrock or plastering service. Hence, we’ll recommend it.


Deck Staining

If you have been using your deck for many years, and it looks like it’s losing its original color and quality, then a unique deck staining service is what you need. Our professionals at All Star House Painters have adequate knowledge on how to stain a deck and refresh its look. To ensure we derive an excellent deck staining result, we utilize consistent color after proper mixing and then smoothen the deck’s surface. We consider the deck staining service budget-friendly and recommend any client who is not ready to spend thousands of dollars to st regain a deck. Call us today to book a deck staining service.

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Contact Us For More Information

At All Star House Painters of Frisco, we solely understand that painting is one way to express your thinking and creativity within your confines. Therefore, our professional painters in Frisco, Texas, are capable of bring your imaginations to reality through the right combination of colors and patterns in your home or office. Whether you need to paint your property’s exterior or interior, you don’t need to come straight to our physical office to request a quote. We are active online, and you can get instant replies to any request anytime you send us an email or place a call.

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“It’s been three years since I painted my home exterior, and my wedding anniversary is in a few weeks. I needed a painter that would transform my walls from what it is now. During the search for a painting pro, then I came across these guys online. Their exterior painting technique is out of this world.” – John E.

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“All Star House Painters did a great job while handling my cabinet refinishing job. When I saw the estimate before they began, I was scared but wanted to test and see. Behold, all things aren’t the same, and they beat my imaginations. I recommend them always!” – Allen Stewart.

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“I looked at the company as the regular painting guys. I didn’t know they are a full-fledged business. Their customer service was amazing and friendly, she was able to direct my request to the right department, and I got an instant reply. Today, they round off my floor installation. I am super grateful I hired them” – Angelina D.


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