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Cabinet Refinishing

brown cabinets in the kitchen

In almost every home, you will find cabinets within the kitchen. Ost cabinets may have been in the kitchen for many years, and the homeowner doesn’t have thousands of dollars to replace the existing wardrobe with a new one. At All Star House Painters, we offer exceptional cabinet refinishing services to refresh the cabinet’s look in your kitchen area. This cabinet refinishing service is an affordable way of renewing your kitchen’s face, and you necessarily don’t need to break the bank. Our network of well-trained home painters in Frisco, Texas, can handle this service in a more organized and skillful manner. We have been rendering cabinet refinishing services for a couple of years now, and we pride ourselves on the result we can achieve during the project duration. As part of the process for cabinet refinishing, we know how to mix paints appropriately without waste. If you are ready to transform your kitchen cabinet today, request a free quote.

Simple & Convenient Process
Compare to a full cabinet replacement service, and cabinet refinishing doesn’t take a long time. This is possible if an experienced painter handles the process. It is absolute that a skilled painter will have the right tool and know what step to take before another to refinish the cabinet professionally. Anyone who doesn’t have the experience of handling such a project may suffer downtime during the process. Cabinet refinishing is relatively simpler to execute as it takes up to 3 days, although depending on the size and number of cabinets.

Varieties of Option
Once you’ve considered cabinet refinishing, then you have a lot of options to choose from. The options are in terms of finishes and colors. The homeowner can decide to paint his kitchen cabinet with a color that complements the existing kitchen’s color or select a particular finish like glossing, antiquing and other recommended finish style. You don’t have to subscribe to the initial design and color of the cabinet’s manufacturer; you have the liberty to make a selection. 

Friendly to the Environment
Apart from the fact that you have varieties of options o choose from, cabinet refinishing is super friendly to the environment. The environmental impact that this has on the environment is minimum as the materials aren’t made from harmful chemicals. Instead, they are valuable woods. So, it is healthier to refinish your cabinet the right way.

An Attractive New Look 
A refinished cabinet can never remain the same as a cabinet that has been for several years without proper maintenance. Kitchen cabinets are like the significant elements of a modern kitchen, and if they appear old and worn out, they become a turnoff and demotivates the homeowner during cooking. Cabinet refinishing will make your cabinet appear renewed and with a better look. It is a great way to encourage guests to use your kitchen for a long time because its level of encouragement to use is relatively high. Apart from the new look, during the process, a new outer layer is added.