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As a reliable painting company in Frisco, Texas, we strive to provide the perfect painting services to every client that contacts us. The industry we operate in is built on reliability, skills, and experience. And we believe this can be possibly ascribed to All Star House Painters because of the high-level satisfaction we offer previous clients. From our first contact with the client till the day we complete the painting project, we try to keep all communication channels open and personalized based on preference. We understand the need for human touch and experience in our customer journey. Painting is beyond mixing colors and applying them to the wall, it requires some level of creativity and project management skills.

Do you have questions about painting in general, cabinet resurfacing, and floor installation? Our customer service team has been specially trained to ensure they communicate with the client in the simplest form and providing accurate replies based on the client’s questions. From simple questions to difficult inquiries, they’ve been trained to be at their best performance while rendering help as their primary duty. If you are interested in getting more information about our painting services, our support/customer service team will provide feedback and specific recommendations where necessary. We are deeply indebted to our clients; therefore, we know it is unfulfilling whenever we lag in sharing our expertise and knowledge. You don’t need to go through the stress of visiting our physical office. If you have any queries or requests, we can handle them efficiently via mail or through calls.